Quince Tree Games

If you come here, you’ll find me

Hi. I’m Linnet, and I’m making a video game. That’s a surprisingly intimidating thing to type out given that I’ve been working on it for a while now. It’s a pleasant escape from, you know, all of the everything happening. I’d like to tell you about it!

 My game doesn’t have an official title yet, although I’ve been thinking of it in my head as ‘Barren’ for long enough that I’ll probably just call it that here until it has a proper name.

Barren is (will eventually be) a 2D Action RPG/Farm Sim in a fantasy setting – grow crops, do quests, clear dungeons, attend festivals, befriend and romance the locals, save your new hometown and incidentally the world. Consider it my personal love letter to Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, and especially Rune Factory.

I’m going to try to update here pretty regularly about what I’m up to.

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